Who Let the Zen Out?

Image by Kourosh Qaffari

Clarity and calm come more easily in the quiet.

Spend time being unavailable. Quiet. Doing day-to-day things but without noise, without distraction. Without someone else’s experience influencing yours. Wear earplugs. Resist the urge to engage — either listening or responding — to the news, to chats, to nudges, to ongoing discussions.

This is easier for some than for others. Regardless of your current situation, grant yourself permission to say no in ways you haven’t been. Find ways to reduce your presence with others so you can be more present with yourself. If you can’t reduce the noise, at least reduce the volume.

Go easy with yourself. Be deliberate with what you consume so it does not consume you. In other words, let your own heart speak loudest.

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Rebecca Arora

Rebecca coaches exceptional leaders in technology, where intelligent products and people touch and transform humanity.